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Related article: Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011 August 00th 42 -0800 ( PST ) From: Bill u003cbil47_new yahoo. com u003e Case No : "Boy in Harlem brothel " in Harlem Boy Brothel Bill The taxi sat in front of Silvia, a known no restaurant in Harlem area increasingly high level, but is not inside. Instead, I walked three blocks to a large, but nondescript town house that the child - housed in a brothel. appeared that no one had known since he was the hotel that was left as a relief and perhaps a little depressing. My fame as rock musician had more than 30 years peaked. Despite my name is still well known, and even toured with internationally n a good band and a small entourage, I'm practically anonymous if not on the stage of my loyal fan base of the middle age. But it was immediately recognized by well-dressed black woman s that gave me a warm welcome at the door. "Come on, sugar had long ago been here now," said the establishment of manager and the brothel - substitute child mthe other side. N "Thank you, Althea. You look as beautiful as ever," he said. " and it's good to be back in New York. I Preteen Nymphet Models have the e- mail yesterday about the new guy, shortly after shot in the city. I could not resist the temptation, guestbook a fun little time to eat. " After 000 paid a dollar, took me to a bedroom, and the wife of s went to fetch the child. The room was decorated in a fresh style modern with a large platform bed, covered marked with a satin sheet and topped with a variety of pillows and pillow. I quickly took off my clothes except his shirt loose Polo for my stomach bloated. (I do not hurry, show my 60 - year-old body, also in a brothel -. Boys) that always used to meet my concert tours as an opportunity I boys for sexual assault. Here in New York There are several brothels that I have when I sponsor in the city, , each with its own specialty. This has in her sexy Harlem black young men, there is a selection of delicious Asian boy in the mand favorite place in Chinatown, Russian and Ukrainian child are presented in a brothel in Queens. And then we have hugely expensive plant in the center of Manhattan specializing in very young " boy next door " types -. Absolutely beautiful and whites is amazing talent from 8 to 9 years, I can not afford , then free with my money as in the past, however, so you save that one for a gift particular, every few years n. I'm also cautious in general about my activities with the children these days when I was in the past to run almost never in danger, brought a child into the hotel room except when I am in n of the few countries that are very tolerant, as things. ' M usually just slip out of my environment during the day for an hour to enjoy a discreet brothel like this a n. although they are still in contact with the circle of my boy lover friend is exchanging information on the brothels, n the acceptance of invitations to the kids crazy - sex parties used to sSo much joy. But I often think fondly of the days of decadent excess. In fact, as I sat there in the brothel Harlem waiting for my baby to arrive, took my mind for 20 years n a cocaine -driven epic of man / boy orgy visited California. The famous presenter had generously shared many n of the boys in his impressive stable of young special friends and his team also had a wide range of Purchased hire young children in a ratio of more than two children \\ \\ n each of the twenty men present. No I have sampled the charm of the beautiful half-dozen naked children that night, but I spent most of my time with intense sexual pleasure with a good met 12 - year old, actor the cast was highly rated TV shows at once. The host of the party were inseparable massive famous child movie star, who was his constant companion s at the time. Caught the vision of two has been etched in my memory, erotic, and I closed my eyes to tthat mind the game. I remember lying in a customized piece of sex furniture in the center of his artistic orgy room. The guy - the actor sat astride the hips of pop star and ride the cock of her s naked little like a cowboy on a horse, while the man masturbated the 10 - year age is immature erection. Jonathan and I, , together with other pairs of naked boys and men who had gathered, around, kissing and caressing each other when we saw the two superstars go at it. In the midst of my spiritual journey through erotic reminiscence, opened the door and a 11 - year-old black child, entered the room. " Hello! " The boy smiled, his voice soft and happy. I looked up, took the hand of my stiff cock and watched as delicately beautiful black boy came up to me, seemed a n in a clothing catalog model for high-end children. " So you're DeShawn. " I recognized him immediately from the encrypted e-mail I received yesterday. I patted the bed with me, who told him to sit. I wrapped my arms Around child and leaned over to kiss him. When our lips met, the child tongue is out, busy snaking into my mouth. I sighed before joy, as I negotiated deep tongue kissing the child support. " Take your clothes off, DeShawn " I told him that broke our kiss. " I bet you have a beautiful tail. " In fact, I'd seen one up close his erect penis in the photos I've received, and I was eager to enjoy its beauty erotic Preteen Nymphet Models in real life. The child jumped up and stood right in front of me , unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckling the belt and remove n his pants, so they were willing to drop the legs. " You want to finish undressing me?" Asked flirtatious voice n with a sensual expression. "I think you already know the answer to this question! Come about, Sweety. " I went to the girl, who was standing between my ​​legs. Sliding the child of his oxford shirt shoulders and arms, let my hands wander all over the smooth milk chocolate skin DeShawn sLenders torso. then I finger pushes the boy unzipped his pants, and she slipped to the ankles, DeShawn fully revealing white jockey shorts. I was rubbing the small lump in the front pocket of his pants, feeling the boy's penis start to harden inside. My other hand slipped behind him, stroking his company bluntly rounded by strained thin material. We kissed again, long and deep, wrapping his arms to embrace each other in a tender. " Take off your panties, sweetie. Is it a strip -tease for me. " The boy smiled and took a few steps. Without saying a word began his Preteen Nymphet Models hips rhythmically to the beat of the music is presented. His hands moved sensually over his body in an erotic dance, the further inflamed my senses. Several times down DeShawn front or the back of his pants for a moment and then looked Save, shows me showing his fully erect penis and brown shapely buttocks. Every time I get so upset, a chill erotic through my body. Istarted my career strain roosters, watching the DeShawn Dance, feeling the rapid rise in sexually induced young relatives excitation. There is something unique about a boy on the threshold puberty, which is totally irresistible, and I could never give up voluntarily. When the child finally came down and pulled his pants and completely naked, she continued Preteen Nymphet Models her erotic dance for my pleasure. " Do you like my body?" He asked with a sweet voice, as her hips made ​​ subtle push a little forward, and he moved closer to my approach. fingers slightly the focus of his pre -pubescent stroked his erection, and Preteen Nymphet Models added: "Do you like my penis small? " "There is absolutely perfect," I said truthfully. The thin children without problems - cock was completely rigid, a little over 4 inch long, retired with his foreskin to expose the nice dark brown acorn. Half the size of balls hanging in a small bag, soft, just begging to caressed and licked. r in the knee, just below the pretty boy erection in my mouth. I felt the onset of sexual euphoria I always felt when I sucked a growing child to the base cock hairless. One of my hands came to play with his balls very little, while the other went around the n to caress the butt of his signature without problems. N When my lips and tongue slurped immature DeShawn erection, my moans of ecstasy associated with the children amused tone sounds fill the room with sounds of sex. That was what I wanted - the worship of the cock is a pre -teen children, he felt his little body lean, and inhalation -boy 's subtle fragrance. It promotes the heady scent of a body of outstanding children black was always crazy with lust. I have worked aggressively to the erect penis my mouth to find out the cooing of sexual desire and the shaking of his muscles of the legs, say DeShawn came to a head as a child. with my ​​lips and tongue racing up and down to savor the thin axle, I tintense emotion that the induction of a child dry orgasm erection shrugged. He got into his head to build as a shiver of pleasure shook her whole body. From experience, I knew he was capable of more orgasms s, and tempted me with another of my mouth. , but when I lifted my head throbbing cock of s young spit spot, I knew immediately what I wanted to do next with the guys. " Have you ever caught a man before? " DeShawn was surprised. "No, sir, I have never finished a man," he said. " But me and Carlos - he's my friend back in the Hood" - they fuck each other Lotts times " Then he smiled me mischief. " Do you really want to fuck you ? " " Yes, I love you "I said, lay in bed with a pillow under my ass and squeezed my legs. " But first I would like to wants the rim. I bet you're good with your tongue. "Smile DeShawn and I winked. It was good right, not in all the right apprehensive about diving in to lick the ass. It s knelt beside the bed and spread my ass cheeks put his face down on me. Their language has several words long general, like licking an ice cream, and then lit quickly to the outside of my sensitive flesh crooked hole, , and finally stiffened deep drilling the circular muscle of the n and sensory nerves. " Oh, yeah Keep it does just that, as a " whoop, I like DeShawn edges of my ass deep and enthusiastic. I wish that let him go again, but wanted more. " Now fuck me ! " The child went to the bedside table and got the bottle of lube oil, slathering on his tail is still strong. The good work n as he had done with his tongue, I really do not need lube, but what the hell. My ass was right on the edge of the bed, and my legs were removed. N standing beside the bed, DeShawn use a hand on the back of the leg to calm down when n in put his other hand pushes down on his slippery cock -boy to guide it into positionTION. Her hips pushed forward, and the finger - the size of erection slid all the way to the hilt. Oh, yes! His cock was the perfect length and girth for me. This was the perfect way to fuck. None of the first line of a large complaints are in the delight feelings of strong hot sex - round the meat, the joy of all the leading n erve around my anus. and I wanted to take me back, so I see what I could. The look of joy on his face as he moves his body as he closed eyes and tilted his head back as he made his way along another orgasm immature. Gradually I masturbate my own cock while filming the wave of joy, I care not so much that I did bump n too soon. At my age, it would take time to recharge the tail a second erection, and wanted to save for more fun with This beautiful black boy. When I stroked over a sexual plateau delicious, it's the guy hips began to move in quick strokes, sudden and shook his body, his screams moans of ecstasy was a dry orgasm cum. he threw at me, his cock still buried in my ass, and hugged me. We kissed, our tongues sliding joints easy, and my hands wandered lazily over the shoulders and the back and buttocks. " That was great, DeShawn !" I whispered in his ear while he was n peacefully. "I think they wanted too. " " Yes, sir, I've seen! " " My turn," he said. "I want to make me a blowjob, but not that I run. Then I want to ride my cock while I was back, I get up in you. " N "I totally can be well done! " he said with a smile. DeShawn yet - erect penis out of my ass while his body moved down to do, I can suck. Kneeling on the ground, between the legs open, her lips parted and I took a the mouth. For several intense minutes, his talented tongue writing my tail - head with his phenomenal technique, then his lips slid my shaft. He took a good half of my hard- with downward swoop, then leans a little, then came below. Rhythmic movements up and down, I sucked n deep, easy to swallow the cock in her tight the neck until he took the center of everything, and his lips pressed against my pubic hair short. I moaned with pleasure when he ran all the way to me, massaging my sensitive glans of his neck muscles. Damn it ! This child had n some impressive skills. When your mouth finally got back on the shaft, gasped for breath, but quickly slid to the bottom again. He began to a slow and suck- Stokes constant throughout its length, I had my body writhed with sexual tension as he clung to the satin leaves with closed fists. When is the best young -boy s cock fool I've had, it was certainly near the top. As the body called for the release of orgasm, he wanted to DeShawn make beautiful brunette in the ass. When I took out his head out of my cock, which glistened with his saliva. It s lookingª smiled. " I go now? " " Yes, honey. I love him so much!" I replied. The lubricating oil bottle lay on the bed next to us, and smeared it the slippery liquid on my throbbing erection and came back to fast finger into the anus. DeShawn then straddled my hips, placed my cock with her hand and lowered her ass to me. As it slid to the bottom in one fluid motion, the expression of his face was pure joy. His leg muscles began to flex, what my erect penis sliding back and forth to tight hot ass. With each upward movement expands anal Preteen Nymphet Models muscle to open and pressed firmly on the downstroke. Damn it ! It felt so amazing! that sat back and let me love, as I observed to move your body. My hands moved to her thighs thin, so until its soft weak chest and over her taut belly, his penis exquisite. his intestine was completely rigid erection at all, and I could not resist masturbating. grab the bottle of lube oil, poured agenerous amount of my hand and gave it to DeShawn charge of the boys - cock. I whole fist began to give the child a strong rotation of the hand work. First, kicked him out of his rhythm, while his body trembled a brief pause in its assembly business of my cock. then has n drive back into the up and down, faster than at this time. I s eyes and ears to certify that our union was glad of each as I am. The increasing pressure in the groin orgasm said arrears. I started to push hips each time DeShawn down the waist down and increases the speed and pressure jerk my hand on his penis. Both our bodies came to on the drive as our common desire led us to reach our full target. Came first, his squeaky cry Announces orgasm, as her tight anal muscle vibrated over my cock, sending I on the edge. I rode a wave of ecstasy when I spit Impulse of sperm deep into the quivering body young. Finally I moved to me and hugged methe wild as the mouth crushed together in a sloppy kiss. God, it was a good run ! We lay together enjoying the brightness of our shit, and then it was over. My hope chest, I was dress. DeShawn was continued in the bed naked, posing sexy to me. I took out my wallet and pulled out a number twenty to put on the bedside table for the tip. N " Thanks, honey. The next time I'm back in New York, maybe we will n. " Go to the bustling streets of Harlem, I felt like I \\ \\ n was on a cloud in the sky go. Do you like ? Email me at bil47_new yahoo. com
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